Pure Custom Home Theater


Dedicated Home Theaters

We at Pure Custome Home Theater will assure you that you can experience the energy and excitement of the cinema from within the comfort of your home. Your fully customized Home Theater will be an extention of your lifestyle. We offer top notch customer service. Our sales and system design staff are dedicated and will work with you from the initial consultation through the completion to create a World Class Entertainment Environment for you and your family while remaining sensitive to your budget.

Multi-Room Audio:

Whether you are entertaining guests of simply relaxing around the house, a multi-room audio system allows your music to follow the action. Let us wire your home inside and out, allowing you to choose from a variety of audio sources. Our technicians can provide your home with aesthetically pleasing acoustic solutions. Speakers may be installed into your ceiling or walls and then painted over to create a virtually invisible sound source without compromising sound quality.

Distributed Video:

A distributed video system will allow different types of video to be routed to each television. This could include HD sources such as Blu-ray, closed circuit sources such as front-door security cameras, multiple cable satellite boxes, or stored video from a media server. Streamline security and entertainment media with a customized distributed video system.

Lighting Control:

Lighting control will not only have an impact on the functionality of your home, but it also has the power to create desired atmosphere. With the touch of a single button, select scenes for different scenarios; enjoy the perfect lighting when reading, dining, entertaining, or watching television. Control your light and control the mood in your home.

Structure Wiring:

Structured Wiring is probably the least visible but most important part of what we do at Pure Custom Home Theater. Information travels along different types of wire, carrying anything from the HD video signal of your favorite movie to the sound of your voice along a phone wire. As the technological capabilities in our homes continues to progress, the wiring- especially in older homes- will often be the weakest link. Communication and entertainment technologies usually require wire connections to be able to feed information back and forth, so make sure you wire your house for now and for the future.


Pure Custom Home Theater offers services to commercial properties. Looking to bring your business into the 21st century? We provide the following services:

Boardrooms and conference rooms
Presentation / Training Facilities
Lighting Control
Structured Wiring-Cabling
Security, CCTV/ Access Control
Multi-room audio